FREE Beginner Golfer Taster Sessions

Get Into Golf

TGC are pleased to announce that we are to host a FREE “Beginners Golf Taster Session” at the club on:-

Sunday 15th March 2020 at 1.30pm-3pm and

Sunday 22nd March 1.30pm-3pm

FREE Tea and Coffee and Biscuits

These sessions will be followed by “Get Into Golf” (£25 for 5 weeks) :-
• Saturday 9.30 Saturday 4th April – Saturday 2nd June at 9.30am (5 Sessions)
• Saturday 11 Saturday 4th April – Saturday 2nd June at 11am (5 Sessions)

NB These sessions may change dependent on demand and numbers. The more the merrier.

Contact Paul Whittaker, Manager on:
Phone: 0191 257 4578 ext 4
for further details and to book a place.

Reasons to play golf:-

It’s better than a fast and furious gym session
Golf burns more calories than you’d think: playing an 18-hole game of golf burns at least 900 calories. Golf also combines all the known weight-loss benefits of walking combined with the toning and muscle strengthening benefits of swinging the clubs and carrying or pulling your golf bag. During the average game of golf you can walk around five to six miles.

It brings people closer together
Golf is a great way to meet new people – especially if you have recently moved into a new area or town or are travelling abroad. Wherever there’s a golf course, a host of rewarding new friendships awaits you. Friendships that are likely to flourish, thanks to the convivial atmosphere of the game itself and the ready-made social life at the clubhouse afterwards.

It helps combat stress
“Golf really does tick all the boxes for things you need for optimal wellbeing,” says psychologist and coach Miriam Akhtar from . “It offers some important feel-good factors, such as an active social life and regular physical activity of the best kind – what we call ‘green exercise’ outside in nature.”

It’s good for your heart
Golf’s powerful combination of stress-busting exercise, fresh air and camaraderie can help promote long term heart health. It can reduce blood pressure and raised cholesterol and cut your risk of stroke and diabetes - especially if combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

It can help you live longer
Golf’s unique combination of outdoor exercise and social interaction can help you live a longer, healthier life. Playing golf can help you live longer – and make those extra years healthier. Indeed, playing the sport can increase your life expectancy by up to five years, according to a study from the Karolinska Institute, in Sweden. Regular walking, such as the four hours it typically takes to play a round of golf, can also help ward off dementia.

Should you require any further details please feel free to contact:

Paul Whittaker

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